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My name is Tetiana, I’m the founder of Near Native Hub and my vision is to help people all over the world get quality language education and open doors to endless life opportunities.

Born in Ukraine, I graduated from National University of Ostroh Academy which is considered one of the best Language Universities in the country. I have also lived in Nurnberg where I learned German during my university course and having daily practice with native speakers. I have recently obtained IELTS Teacher Training Certificate along with TESOL Certificate. Since 2015 I have been living in United Arab Emirates which is a melting pot of cultures and nationalities and have been absolutely loving this experience.

I’m teaching languages for over 10 years now and still remember my first student. I was 15 but already felt that teaching was my life calling and the burning desire to teach led me all the way to this point where I can open doors for you as well. I collected my knowledge piece by piece and came up with the idea how to upgrade your language skills and start speaking from day 1.

My individual classes include German and English languages.


UAE, Dubai
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