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The course is designed to help people to upgrade their basic level of the German language and to be able to communicate and better understand people in daily life. The program covers all aspects such as vocabulary, phonetics (pronunciation), grammar, and contains tasks that will help to prepare yourself for the Goethe Certificate exam.


During your learning process you will upgrade your vocabulary with at least 600-800 new words that will be related to the topics below:
  • Study & Life in Europe
  • Family & Relatives
  • Travelling
  • Social Media
  • Meeting people
  • City & Country lifestyle
  • Culture & Traditions
  • Work & CV
  • Holidays & Celebration
  • Our senses
  • Ideas & Discoveries


You will learn the following aspects of grammar:
  • Superlative degrees of adjectives
  • Comparative degrees of adjectives
  • Complex sentences with conjunctions
  • Genitive case of the nouns and its usage
  • Possessive articles in dative case
  • Modal verbs & reflexive verbs
  • Indirect questions
  • Relative clauses & Relative pronouns
  • Past Tense ‘Präteritum’
  • Prepositions with dative/accusative cases
  • Passive voice in Present & Past tenses


E-book is provided free of charge. Each lesson includes listening tasks, vocabulary lists, texts, dialogues (with audio), grammar tables and exercises. The course is recommended for those, who would like to upgrade their basic understanding and get a better grasp of the language. This learning program is suitable for those, who have already completed A1 level. If you have any specific goal to reach, feel free to let me know and we will consider your requirements during learning process.
  • Recommended duration: 50 hours (can be divided into 2 parts)
  • Minimum duration: 35 hours

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