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The course is designed to gain fluency while speaking and accuracy while writing. C1 level is the key to your career in Germany and full integration process. This level includes lots of video/film watching, discussions to bring your speaking skills to their best performance, analysing the graphs to get the highest score during the exam, practicing complex grammar structures while speaking. The program covers all aspects such as vocabulary, phonetics (pronunciation), grammar, and contains tasks that will help to prepare yourself for the Goethe Certificate exam.


During your learning process you will master the usage of synonyms, antonyms and sophisticated terms that will add at least 500 new words and 500 fixed phrases, idioms and a range of proverbs related to the following topics:
  • Weather & Environment
  • Happiness & Feelings
  • Success & Failure
  • Advancements & Technology
  • Senses & Nourishment
  • Politics & History
  • Art & Literature
  • Aging & Future forecast


You will have lots of revision of the previously learned grammar rules. Moreover, the following aspects of grammar will be presented in detail:
  • Adjectives with fixed prepositions
  • Two-parts clause linkage
  • Prepositions with Genitive case
  • Partizip I & Partzip II
  • Adversative conjunctions
  • Nomen-Verb Verbindungen
  • More forms of passive voice substitution
  • Nouns with fixed prepositions


E-book is provided free of charge. Each lesson includes listening tasks, vocabulary lists, texts, dialogues (with audio), grammar tables and exercises. The course is recommended for those who are planning to build their career and life in a German speaking country. This learning program is suitable for those, who have already completed B2 level. If you have any specific goal to reach, feel free to let me know and we will consider your requirements during the learning process.
  • Recommended duration: 70 hours (can be divided into 2 parts)
  • Minimum duration: 50 hours

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