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The course is specially designed to optimize your test potential and help you to get the targeted score. Individual program will be presented to the student after the assessment test. Our preparation covers four parts of the test: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Moreover, you will learn how to approach each section of the test to save time and give accurate answers.



During your learning process you will

  • upgrade your vocabulary by 500 new academic words (recommended for IELTS)
  • learn how to create a structured essay
  • practice your speaking skills
  • get to know the most effective ways of achieving the highest score in reading and listening parts.



E-book is provided free of charge. The book consists of the most recent 4 sample tests.  In addition, you will receive my personal pdf files that will help to master essay and letter writing.

The course is recommended for those, who are looking for emigration options to Canada/ Australia or study opportunities around the world.

Recommended duration: 20-30 hours (depends on your current level of English).

Minimum duration: 15 hours.

*Program may vary according to student’s needs